Rastoča knjiga
                         "Rastoča knjiga je več kot knjiga; je skrinja narodne zaveze; je duh, ki se nad časom dviga; je zvezda stalnica: ljubezen."  


Miroslav Krleža - The Return of Philip Latinowicz

Paying his daily visit to his friend Mrs Latinowicz-Valenti, Philip's mother, in his light grey jacket, with cream spats, an ebony stick, white tie and dazzling collar and cuffs, he looked like a grey doll from a strange old album. Meticulously bathed, completely grey, close shaven, still fairly alert, he did not actually make an unpleasant figure, but Philip could not reconcile himself to his very existence. In the first place, the old man always addressed his mother by her full title, Madame Latinowicz-Valenti, in the old style, distinctly, slowly and ceremoniously, as if pronouncing an extremely distinguished and prominent society name; …