Rastoča knjiga
                         "Rastoča knjiga je več kot knjiga; je skrinja narodne zaveze; je duh, ki se nad časom dviga; je zvezda stalnica: ljubezen."  


Géza Ottlik - School at the Frontier

The windows in the dormitory looked out on three different directions: southwest, northwest, and northeast. M. was leaning on the southwest window, which was above the front entrance of the building. The sun was low behind the peaks of the eastern Alps, though it had not yet actually set. One could clearly distinguish the colors down below, even to various shades of green on the trees. Dusk began to settle now upon the main avenue of trees as the iron lamps alongside them came on. The evening air was pleasant. As he looked out the window, his thoughts wandered under the branch tent formed by the long avenue of century-old trees, back to the road along which he had come that morning with his mother, across the middle of the park,...